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(I am currently updating the info on this website. Some of this is a few years old - JTC 8/08)

Professionally, I hold the position of Cisco Fellow at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) and have been with Cisco since 1989.

My projects have included inventing HSSI, Cisco's multi-port serial interfaces, the Cisco 3000 router, and interfaces for the Cisco 7500 router.

My latest stint has been with the Cable Business Unit architecting DOCSIS CMTS equipment and as a contribuiting author to the DOCSIS specification.

Prior to Cisco, I spent 6 years at ROLM/IBM/Siemens designing European line, trunk, and ISDN interfaces for PABXs.

To the left are some links to supporting materials for some industry white papers that I have written.

Non-Professionally, I am a 6th Dan Tae Kwon Do Master with a 4th Dan in Hapkido and a Rickson Gracie Jui-Jitsu Blue Belt.  I am also a semi-retired white water canoer and downhill skier.

What I enjoy most these days, is spending time with my wife and two daughters.
John T. Chapman

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