MultimediaTraffic Engineering
by John T. Chapman
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Multimedia Traffic Engineering, or MMTE for short, is a term I coined in 1999 for the techniques of capacity planning and capacity analysis for data, voice, and video over IP networks.

Specifically, MMTE has focused on the delivery of data and VoIP (voice over IP) over DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications) based HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) systems for the Cable industry.

This site contains a variety of published papers and tools. I have more theory I have not finished writing down, and tools that I have not released yet, so check back later for updates.

MMTE General Theory and Practices

This White Paper discusses the sizing of data, voice, and video over IP streams over a DOCSIS network. Particular emphasis is placed on VoIP.  This White Paper is 75 pages and contains 114 formulas with examples, and was presented at the 2000 SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference. The formulas and example are included in a spreadsheet tool.

I have been working on some newer spreadsheet tools that have a better user interface and that also contain some updates to the basic theory. Those newer tools have not been published yet, so check back from time to time.

MMTE White Paper, published December 15, 1999. (mmte-white-paper-1999-12-15a.pdf)

MMTE Capacity Planning Tool, published December 15, 1999. Updated to 2.0 April 4, 2002. (mmte-white-paper-1999-12-15a.pdf)

MMTE Bursty Data Model

The Bursty Data Model (BDM for short)is the primary data model that is used in MMTE theories and calculations. This model was published first as part of the original MMTE White Paper. It was subsequently refined and published as a white paper at the 2002 SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference. This was followed up with an article in the SCTE Communications Technology magazine.

Here are the white papers, presentations, and spreadsheet tools that accompanied these presentations.

MMTE Bursty Data Model White Paper, published at ET 2002, January 8, 2002. Updated February 14, 2002. (mmte-bdm-wp-et-2002-02-14a.pdf)

MMTE Bursty Data Model Presentation, presented at ET 2002, January 8, 2002.

MMTE Bursty Data Model Tool, version 1.3, February 14, 2002

MMTE Bursty Data Model Article
, Article for Communications Technology Magazine, April 2002 Issue, (mmte-bdm-article-ct-021004a.pdf)
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