Technical Publications
by John T. Chapman
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This page contains a summary by data and venue of the various technical publications and presentations that I have done.

WP refers to White Paper. PT refers to Presentation. XLS refers to a supporting spreadsheet. Info goes to a web page with more info. Filenames typically contain a date suffix using the format -YYMMDDx where x = a, b, c. This format is used because files sort properly by date code in file managers.

Apr 12, 1993 Silicon Valley Networking Conference 1993
High Speed Serial Interface Rev 3.0, WP, Info
Dec, 1998

Western Cable Show 1998
Voice over IP Primer, PT

Jan, 2000 SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference 2000
Multimedia Traffic Engineering Theory and Practices, WP, PT, XL, Info
Nov 29, 2000 Western Cable Show 2000
Quality of Service for Voice over IP, PT, Info
Jan 8, 2002 SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference 2000
Multimedia Traffic Engineering Bursty Data Model, WP, PT, XL, Info
Apr 1, 2002

Communications Technology Magazine
Multimedia Traffic Engineering Bursty Data Model, Article, Info

Dec 5, 2002

Western Cable Show 2002
DOCSIS Futures, PT, Info

Oct, 2003

Cisco Packet Magazine 4Q2003
High Availability Voice over Cable, Article, Info

2003 Cisco Cable IP Solutions for High Availability Networks, WP
Jan 14, 2004

SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference 2004
DOCSIS Settop Gateway, WP, PT, Info

Apr 2, 2004 CableLabs Conference
DSG Tutorial, PT, Info
Jan 14, 2005

SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference 2005
The Wideband Protocol for a DOCSIS Network, WP, PT, Info

Mar 7, 2005

Voice on the Network (VON) Spring 2005
The Wideband Protocol for a DOCSIS Network, PT, Info

April, 2005 National Cable & Telecommunications Assc (NCTA) Show 2005
Modular CMTS Architecture, WP, PT, Info
Wideband Protocol Business Case, WP, PT, Info
April, 2005 Cisco Packet Magazine 2Q2005
Wideband Protocol for DOCSIS, WP, Info
Mar, 2006 VON Spring 2006
Video over DOCSIS, PT
April, 2006 National Cable & Telecommunications Assc (NCTA) Show 2006
Migrating to Modular CMTS, PT, Info
Dec 1, 2006

Communications Technology Magazine
The Road to DOCSIS 3.0, Article, CT-Site

Dec, 2006 CableLabs Conference
Modular CMTS Tutorial, PT, Info
Mar 10, 2007

National Institute of Standards and Technology Conference (NIST-ATIS)
Keynote Address: Timing for DOCSIS Networks (DTI), PT, Info

Mar 1, 2007

Cisco Service Provider Journal
DOCSIS 3.0, Article

Jun 27, 2007 Web Video Summit Spring 2007
Enabling Web Video with DOCSIS, PT, Info
Jan 14, 2008

SCTE Emerging Technologies Conference 2008
Next Generation CMTS Architectures, WP, PT, Info

Jun, 2008 SCTE Exposition 2008
NDL 1.0 - Network Design Language, WP, PT, Info
Jul, 2008 Heavy Reading Seminar
HFC Plant Capacity Modeling
Aug 1, 2008

Communications Technology Magazine
NDL 1.0: A Primer, Article, CT-Site

I am quoted or a partial contributer to the following Communication Technology articles.

Here are my issued US patents and WIPO patents.